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Your Trans Care

Your Trans Care (YTC) is a specialty program for transgender people 12 to 18 years old looking for excellent health care. YTC offers routine care and a range of unique services for transgender individuals and their friends, family, and significant others.

Our trans specific services include

  • free support provided by peer navigators

  • access and management of hormone therapy & puberty blockers

  • trans affirming gynecological services

  • customized support and guidance for families, friends, and partners of transgender clients 

  • counseling referrals, clinical letter of support, and coordination for gender affirming surgery

  • transgender specific health education workshops and materials


Linkage To Care

STAR TRACK can link you to care for annual check ups as well as any sports, camp, or work physicals. We also specialize in reproductive health, HIV/AIDS prevention and treatment, and transgender healthcare.


Sexual Health Screening

Screening and treatment options you can find at our permanent location or on the mobile health site:


  • HIV 

  • HIV preventative options: PrEP, PEP, and free condoms + lube

  • Self swabbing services

  • HCV (Hepatitis C)

  • Chlamydia

  • Gonorrhea

  • Rapid syphilis 

  • Substance use 

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