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What is it?

What is it?

That Box is STAR TRACK’s new at home HIV/STI testing program. That Box is available for youth or young adults in the state of Maryland. 


That Box includes:


  • Your requested at home HIV and/or STI test and instructions.

  • Customized information about where you can receive additional sexual health care.

  • Instructions for how to report your results and access peer navigation support**

  • Additional freebie items to thank you for committing to yourself and your health!


**result reporting not required**

Request #ThatBox

Interested in discreet sexual health screenings at home? 

If we don't pick up you will receive a follow up call regarding your order within 24 business hours (Monday-Friday). We’ll be calling from this number (443) 500-2335, so be sure to save it so you know it’s us! 


Have additional questions about That Box or the process?

Call STAR TRACK at (443) 500-2335, and we will help you out.

Results Reporting

Results Reporting

As an appreciation for sharing your results with us (either reactive or non-reactive) we will send you a e-gift card via e-mail (while supplies last) or a physical gift mailed to your address.

There are three ways to report your results:


  1. Click the link below to fill out the form online.

  2. E-mail us at

  3. Call or text us at (410)-500-2335 Monday - Friday from 9am to 5pm.

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